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History of iPSolutionz Pvt. Ltd.

infotech Professional Solutionz Private Limited is an organization under Company Act, Government of India. This company has been established with a vision to cater the demand and the needs of the various organizations by providing innovative solutions.

iPSolutionz started as a vision to help generate charity for noble causes under the leadership of Mr. Jagtar Singh Sandhu and Dr. Vishal Bhanot. was our first project. From there on its history in making, by extending the knowledge, skills, competence and more importantly the vision to deliver IT solutions for a broader audience.

         There are two sides of stories about global industries:

One side, global business companies need trained pool of human resources to steer the company towards success.
The other side is that India has talent, the talent has university degrees/diplomas, the degree or diploma has marks on the sheet of paper but these degree and diploma are blank on the part of Industry based skills, communicating power with their superiors and fellows, attitudes like team work, working under pressure and corporate aptitude that helps the unemployed people to get the job and subsequently moving higher in their career.



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