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At Infotech Professional Solutionz, we understand accelerated software product life cycles and time based competition is the part of the current business norms. Especially for small and mid-size companies it is a daunting task to develop software solutions in-house with a goal of overall cost reduction while reducing time-to-market continuously. For small and mid-size companies the savings both in time and money would results directly into revenue-producing activities and an improved focus on the core areas of business to get the real value for money invested.

Our Adaptive Framework for software development enables our client to drive predictability, visibility, and control into software development processes which are the key ingredients of success for small and mid-size companies. Our adaptive framework derived from the best practices for iterative development and small design teams with a focus in short time frames constantly changing in requirements in a typical small and mid-size business setup. Our applications development teams strive hard to enable the cost effective and reliable delivery of working software in a timely manner with highly accommodating shorter business cycles.

Our value-added IT professional services include the following:

Java and Open Source Technologies, Linux, J2EE, Spring, Apache Struts, Ant, Tomcat, JBoss.
Database Design, Modeling and Mapping, ODBC, JDBC, MS SQL Server, MySQL.



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